Elope In Scotland


There is possibly nothing more wildly romantic than an elopement in Scotland!  

Imagine quietly saying your vows while immersed in a dramatic mountain landscape, or tucked away in a quiet and enchanted woodland on the shores of a Loch. Far away from the crazy World, just the two of you (or perhaps with a few close family members and friends) sharing an adventure.

The intimate nature of elopements really lends itself to crafting a super personal and authentic ceremony and I’m always amazed at the thoughtful touches and ideas couples bring to their day. 

Here in Scotland you are free to marry anywhere you wish (within reason!) and we have so many locations to choose from and connect with.


As an elopement photographer in Scotland I’m lucky enough to be able to run around in the mountains, on the beaches and in wonderful woodlands to witness and creatively document some epic ceremonies and I absolutely love my job.Documenting a couple, their connection to these wild places and to each other is pure joy and Im always keen to help with logistics and do some ‘tour guide’ duties! 

So have you ever dreamed of just bailing out and leaving the crowds behind? 

Stealing away together, hitting the road and running to the hills to get hitched or renew vows? 

Maybe an elopement in Scotland is for you?

If you need some advice on logistics, suppliers or on finding the best place to elope in Scotland, please check out my handy guides below for some ideas and tips.

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