If you are thinking of running away or eloping to Scotland and need some advice on location, logistics and general help,  please click below and check out my handy guide to eloping to Scotland.





Also, if you are looking for some general advice or inspirational places to visit in Scotland, its worth checking out the pages over here on our national tourist board site.





As an Elopement Photographer in Scotland, I’m lucky enough to be able to run around in the mountains to witness and creatively document some incredible ceremonies.

Have you ever dreamed of just bailing out?

Stealing away together, hitting the road and running to the hills to get hitched or renew vows?

Intimate elopements in Scotland

They are a special thing, often tucked away in the remote parts, immersed in the landscape from the rugged mountain crags to the quiet woodlands.

Documenting a couple, their connection to these wild places and to each other is pure joy.

For many years I’ve been lucky enough to have climbed, walked and worked in some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland and I feel at home in these hills. I know and love them deeply but still want to explore more. My heart is in the highlands, chasing all the light…


‘it’s not like any other love, this one’s different because it’s ours’

If you are looking for a creative, quiet but friendly photographer

with years of experience and a chilled approach

and think my work fits your vision for the big day..

Fire me an email or use this contact form to get in touch!

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