A few frames clicked during Scotland Elopement and UK Weddings.

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I try to draw inspiration from different places. From music to cinematography to classic and modern art and design.

I also love street photography and documentary and some of my favourite photographers are legends like Elliott Erwitt and Josef Koudelka. Ive poured over their work since my teenage years and so I guess this is where my love of the odd black and white image comes from.

Im still totally fascinated by the creative process. Whether trying to visualise an image during an epic Scotland elopement, or crafting a photograph by using minimal light during an urban wedding in Edinburgh. Im 100% in that moment. It never gets tired, the journey is always different and especially so when working with people.

Im often asked to define my photography style and I honestly cannot say! Im just too close to it so I will leave that up to others. I only hope the people I work with feel connected enough to both my work and to my approach and personality that we can make a genuine and beautiful record of the big day.

Throughout a wedding or elopement my approach is unobtrusive but also with a little soft direction. Often this is just asking a couple to wander into the good light. Im really just looking to create an authentic, unique visual legacy for each couple during every wedding and elopement I shoot.

I hope you enjoy shuffling through the folio and please do get in touch of you would like to see more. 


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